Repair your favourite hurl  
We know how important your hurl can be to your game. Hurls break.  It’s the nature of the game.  We can repair your favourite hurl. We are now offering to repair club Hurley's at a discounted price. For local clubs we will collect the Hurley's and have them returned to the clubhouse.


Welcome to Bull Hurls

maurice in workshopMy name is Maurice McCabe and I manufacture high quality custom made hurls. It was my passion for the game that inspired me set up my workshop producing hurls in 2008.  As a family run, Dublin based company with proud links to both Dublin club and county hurling; I set out with other highly skilled craftsmen, who themselves were passionate about the game, to produce custom made hurls in our modern workshop.
Hurling is the one of the oldest and fastest field games in the world.  The most important part of any sport is the equipment used in the game. Players today are stronger, faster, and fitter and so demand more from their hurls. We source only the finest, top quality ash from Europe to manufacture our hurls. All our ash is selected for its good quality grain, strength, durability and flexibility.
peadar in workshopLike all professional sportsmen, skilled hurlers find that certain hurls because of weight, balance, flexibility or grip are more suited to their game. Hurls break.  It’s the nature of the game.  We can repair your favourite hurl. We can make you custom hurls to your exact specifications. 
You can talk to our guys and they will listen to what you want in a hurl. That’s what they do…..
Come in and have a look around our website and if you like what you see…talk to  us.
Maurice McCabe

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